Welcome Skaneateles Families!

Skaneateles Parent Teacher Committees (PTC's) support enrichment for elementary (Waterman and State Street), middle and high school students. All 3 PTC's welcome the participation and involvement of ALL parents and guardians of students in the Skaneateles School District.

 Each PTC meets regularly during the school year, and provides
funding and support for enrichment activities

the opportunity for parents and guardians to be informed and to interact
with teachers and administrators in their child's school.


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This directory has been provided to you by the PTC as a service to our school community. Since the school district, by law, may not share your contact information, Parent Teacher Committee volunteers have collected this data over the years. Your participation is voluntary. Membership Toolkit allows you the flexibility to update contact information at any time, and YOU control what personal information WILL or WILL NOT be displayed.

This directory is provided by your Parent Teacher Committees for the private use of parents, faculty and school-related partner organizations such as extra-curricular clubs, sports boosters, the Skaneateles Music Guild and the Skaneateles Education Foundation. Information in this Directory is not to be used for solicitation or business purposes.